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PORT HENRY | Champ can run, but he can’t hide. Not forever — at least that is the view of Champ hunter Katy Elizabeth, who has made a career of searching for the fabled Lake Champlain sea creature. And after years on the hunt, now she says she’s... Read more

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Photo by Tim Rowland

PORT HENRY | Sightings of the sea monster known as Champ — and don’t dare call him mythical — have been reported up and down the length of Lake Champlain, but he makes his home in Port Henry... Read more

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NEWCOMB | For years Newcomb supervisor Robin DeLoria has watched campers and tourists leave town over the Labor Day weekend looking for some action. Read more

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For generations, Vermonters and New Yorkers, believers and skeptics, adults and children have searched for answers to tell us the truth about Champ, America’s very own Loch Ness monster, believed to make its home in the beautiful Lake Champlain. Read more

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