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Elizabethtown | Essex County will resume collecting a mortgage tax on April 1. Read more

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QUEENSBURY | With the new year’s arrival, Warren County government is facing a three-way contest to chair the county Board of Supervisors. Read more

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QUEENSBURY | Months ago, Warren County Clerk Pam Vogel warned county supervisors that Warren County government might lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue... Read more

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LAKE GEORGE | Warren County government may lose between $250,000 and $900,000 of revenue in 2019 due to the state legislature not taking action to endorse the renewal of its mortgage tax law. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE | The pending proposal to purchase a new aerial fire truck was raised again at the Feb. 12 Lake George Village Board meeting, following a public informational meeting six days earlier when the controversial idea appeared... Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — Proposed changes to how auto dealerships process vehicle registrations has county-run Department of Motor Vehicles offices rattled. Read more

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