For months, immigration has preoccupied the nation. Read more

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PORT HENRY | In her primary job, Robin McKee is a prison nurse in Vermont where she is no stranger to conflict and anger. Read more

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In the past two years, we’ve seen an outpouring of hate, attempts at overt discrimination and attempted rollback of basic human rights protections at the federal level. Read more

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Sometimes you just need to check out for a short while, leaving everything behind in an effort to recharge the batteries and get a new perspective. Read more

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SCHROON LAKE — The Schroon Lake Lions Club has sponsored the Lions International Peace Poster Contest for the past 17 years. Read more

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I believe it is time for all Americans to come together and stop the back and forth letters regarding President Trump. Read more

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I can’t help but wonder if the fast pace of a wireless society these days, where we are overloaded with too much information, much of which is over glorified, lends to how quickly the years seem to slip by. Read more

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The death of former Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres last week marks the last of the Zionist “old guard” who successfully fought for a UN mandate to establish the state of Israel in what was formerly British Palestine. Read more

Letters to the Editor