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PLATTSBURGH | Curaleaf in Plattsburgh unveiled its latest product last Wednesday, Nov. 20 - raw cannabis flower pods. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY | The U.S. government’s interim final rule on growing commercial hemp (cannabis), establishing the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program, was announced on Oct. 31. Read more

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I grow concerned when zealots like Jenkins’ attempt to establish a diet-based moral high ground, “Drop animals from menus.” Read more

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We spend a lot of time and energy trying to get insects out of our gardens, but what if we thought about trying to bring more in? Read more

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Have you ever considered growing sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas)? Or have you always heard that they can’t be grown in Vermont, so have never planted any in your garden? Read more

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RUTLAND | Gardening workshops are coming to Rutland’s southwest community garden this growing season. Read more

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FERRISBURGH | If you want an abundant fall vegetable garden, you should start planning now. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | The eighth-annual I Love My Park Day is right around the corner, and the state of New York is preparing to celebrate. Read more

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When the wait for spring gets you down, would the scent of lemon blossoms lift your mood? Read more

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With the glow of Christmas barely behind us, we look forward to the new year and the customary New Year’s resolutions: Reduce social media, reduce weight and this year, reduce animal food consumption. Read more

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Growing herbs indoors during the fall and winter in Vermont can be beneficial both for your cooking and for a mood lift, especially during those cold snowy days. Read more

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The Adirondack Garden Club wishes to draw to your attention the dangers of neonicotinoids in many seeds and plants sold at home improvement stores, malls, hardware stores, outlets, nurseries and wherever you find seeds and plants for sale. Read more

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Reynolds, Gail

BURLINGTON — As if the stewards of Vermont forests don’t have enough to worry about with the impending threat of climate change and invasive species ... Read more

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Throughout northern Warren County this weekend, local citizens and visitors will be participating in Memorial Day ceremonies, honoring U.S. soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our nation. Read more

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Mother Nature seems to throwing us a curve ball once again. One day its 70 degrees, and dry, the next day it’s back to winter with snow in the air. Read more

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