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PLATTSBURGH | As the number of local taxi companies continues to rise, county officials are considering designating an official cab company for Plattsburgh International Airport and imposing regulations on cabs that pick up passengers there. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Following a string of requests from the owner of a local cab company, the Plattsburgh Common Council has imposed a new fare limit that will allow taxi companies in the city to charge $1.50 more per ride. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Almost two months after City Taxi owner Perry Buck called on the Plattsburgh Common Council to increase the maximum fare limit in the city by $1.50 per call, lawmakers are still discussing the issue. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The owner of a local taxi cab company asked lawmakers last month to consider raising the maximum ride fare in city limits by $1.50 per ride. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The owner of a local taxi company requested last week that the Common Council increase Plattsburgh’s fare limit for cabs operating in city limits. more

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PLATTSBURGH — County officials last week inked a deal with Lyft, giving the company permission to operate at the Plattsburgh International Airport. more

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