Peter Welch

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WASHINGTON D.C. | On Dec. 4, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation to crack down on unwanted and predatory robocalls.  The House vote was 417-3. Read more

The Vermont Eagle

Turning Back The Pages

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Politics was his game: Gov. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, New York state governor, made a decision to not seek the Republican nomination for the presidency, which came with dramatic suddenness for the Republican Party. Read more

Community Columnists

The Graves Mansion

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AU SABLE FORKS | The storied Graves Mansion, a home-born of the Industrial Revolution that some describe as the historical heart of Au Sable Forks, is expected to be auctioned off in a bank foreclosure sale next week. Read more

The Sun

Howie Hawkins

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PLATTSBURGH | Green Party Presidential Candidate Howie Hawkins visited Plattsburgh as part of his campaign last week. He visited and met with supporters at city hall, Olive Ridleys and SUNY Plattsburgh Nov. 20-21. Read more

The Sun

Fort Ticonderoga stone wall

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TICONDEROGA | Fort Ticonderoga has been awarded $465,000 through a highly competitive grant program for restoration of a defensive stonework on the north side of the fort. Read more

The Sun

NEWCOMB | Newcomb continued its annual Teddy Roosevelt Weekend tradition Sept. 6 to 8. Read more

The Sun

Going back to Lydon Baines Johnson — 53 years — there have been 25 years of Democrat presidents and 28 years of Republican presidents. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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It should come as no surprise to anyone that we live in turbulent times, and while some areas seem to be improving, others continue to spin out of control. Read more

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Pete DeMola

WESTPORT | Rep. Elise Stefanik mingled with residents and supporters on a dirt track as a cow named Golden Graham patiently awaited her moment in the spotlight. Read more

The Sun


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PLATTSBURGH | President Trump has accepted Rep. Elise Stefanik’s invitation to visit Fort Drum. Read more

The Sun


Kim Dedam

PLATTSBURGH | Hundreds of people gathered in Plattsburgh on Saturday as part of a nationwide “Families Belong Together” rally Read more

The Sun

I must take exception to publisher Daniel Alexander’s misguided, astoundingly ill-informed appraisal of the current occupant of the presidency. Read more

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