I have spent a lot of time over the past weeks and months talking to Vermonters and sharing my story of how Vermont accepted and welcomed me after I transitioned. more

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This is in response to the letter from Art Summers in the July 14 paper. more

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I attended the Ticonderoga Fourth of July Parade expecting to see some wholesome family fun. more

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Lionel Petion

Race has always been a third rail in American politics. So let’s talk about it. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The questions a group of SUNY Plattsburgh students want to ask their peers are simple: more

The Sun


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PLATTSBURGH | Hundreds of students, residents rally at SUNY Plattsburgh more

The Sun


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TUPPER LAKE | Access to local farm products, distribution and fair pricing are critical to maintaining Adirondack food supply lines. more

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PLATTSBURGH | Fliers advertising what appears to be a white nationalist group, “Patriot Front,” were posted in multiple places around the city this past week... more

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PLATTSBURGH | SUNY Plattsburgh faculty last Friday again deferred action in response to students’ call for three college administrators to resign over simmering disputes over racism that have roiled the campus for weeks. more

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PLATTSBURGH — The SUNY Plattsburgh Faculty Senate on Tuesday approved a series of recommendations designed to support the college administration’s anti-racism efforts on campus, but stopped short of offering support for any resignations. more

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PLATTSBURGH | The SUNY Plattsburgh Student Senate last Wednesday approved a vote of no confidence in three administrator’s abilities to do their jobs. more

The Sun

PLATTSBURGH | Hundreds of students, faculty pack Warren Ballroom to air grievances after racist message comes to light more

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MIDDLEBURY | Last week, racial justice, social justice, environmental justice, criminal justice reform, and civil liberty groups from around Vermont partnered under the umbrella of the Racial Justice Reform Coalition and host the first annual... more

The Vermont Eagle

MIDDLEBURY | Four adults gathered at Middlebury College last week for a conversation about their experiences when Jones County, N.C., integrated its public schools in 1968. more

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MANCHESTER | A community discussion about race issues in Vermont was held at Burr and Burton Academy (BBA), a private high school located in Manchester, Oct. 18. more

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Dan Alexander employs a facile trope to support his assertion that the death knell of institutional racism sounded long ago (“Nothing to Prove,” Sept. 9). more

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Charlottesville is nowhere near my hometown of Crown Point, New York. Yet the recent acts of racist violence in Virginia stirred up a deep and familiar tension. more

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MIDDLEBURY — Officials of the Middlebury Police Department on Wednesday announced that they were unable to identify any individuals responsible for injuring Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger ... more

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PLATTSBURGH — More than 50 students stood in SUNY Plattsburgh’s Amity Plaza last Tuesday to call attention to what they perceive to be an uptick in anti-Semetic activity on campus. more

The Sun

Charles Murray’s account of the recent riot more

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