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When was the last time you saw a commercial promoting milk? The only ones I have seen are the phony California cows on pasture adds. We have reached a point where the milk supply exceeds the demand. Read more

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We have been hearing it for the last year or two, the invasion is coming, no not migrants, the Emerald Ash borer. Read more

Community Columnists


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With the warm weather, stream fishing for trout has come to an end for now. That means it’s time for bass, sunnys, bluegills and other warmwater fishing. Read more

Community Columnists

March is around the corner and with a tuft of grass showing here and there, the spring fever for trout fishing and turkey hunting starts my blood pumping. Read more


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MORIAH – On a split vote, the Moriah Town Council has agreed the state can proceed with the purchase of the Tub Mill Pond tract in the town. Read more

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