River Street

New Schuyler Falls Supervisor Kevin Randall

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SCHUYLER FALLS | New supervisor Kevin Randall and new council members Reginald Facteau and Vernon Bruno began their work at the town’s organizational meeting this month. Read more

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Donna Combs

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WARRENSBURG | As of Jan. 1, local citizens visiting the Warrensburg town clerk’s office will be seeing all new personnel at work behind the counter as they conduct municipal business. Read more

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Turning Back The Pages

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Politics was his game: Gov. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, New York state governor, made a decision to not seek the Republican nomination for the presidency, which came with dramatic suddenness for the Republican Party. Read more

Community Columnists

Kim Hutchins-Etown library art.jpg

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AUSABLE FORKS | The Elizabethtown Library received a gift of craftsmanship recently: a miniature replica of the building on River Street created by local paint and multimedia artist Kim Hutchins. Read more

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WARRENSBURG | Warren County government has requested all their municipal officials to prioritize their local infrastructure needs — and the county may provide financial assistance for upgrades and repair, town officials recently revealed. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | The Town of Elizabethtown is poised to move forward on a long-delayed project to construct a wastewater treatment system. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Concerns are mounting over an intersection in Elizabethtown that residents say has long posed a threat to public safety. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN — The Town of Elizabethtown and the Elizabethtown Library Association have agreed to place a crosswalk across River Street. Read more

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SCHUYLER FALLS — Progress is underway on the town’s comprehensive plan. Read more

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MORRISONVILLE — The idea of a new dog park had residents growling during a public information meeting last week. Read more

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