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KEENE |  Elected officials in Keene approved the purchase a new 15-passenger van. Read more

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RAY BROOK | With an Adirondack Park Agency spotlight session focused on his town, Keene Supervisor Joe Pete Wilson Jr. brought the bane of Route 73 trailhead parking congestion front and center last week. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — Jeff Gary walked out of the kitchen at Roaring Brook Ranch and looked at the crowd packing the banquet room of his family’s historic venue — revelers were three-deep at the bar and dozens of others gyrated on the dance floor. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — The region’s infamous annual mega-party will have a new aspect in its 26th edition — several new bands featuring younger musicians. Read more

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Upstate NY Autism Alliance

LAKE GEORGE — No less than 10 bands will be performing onstage this weekend for one of the region’s leading annual charitable fundraisers — Soup ‘r Bands. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — Lake George village passed a milestone June 20 as it passed a resolution authorizing the municipality to borrow up to $17 million to bankroll planned upgrades to their wastewater treatment plant. Read more

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NORTH ELBA — Imagine hanging out at your local watering hole. It’s 75 degrees, but the mercury keeps rising: 80, 85, 90. Before long, you’re cooking and just need to find some shade. Read more

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The Adirondack Park is characterized by a cultural affinity to the natural world — similar sentiments to those which fueled the great American westward expansion... Read more

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