During this year’s election campaign, new candidates for the Vermont House and Senate come armed to the teeth for the battle. Read more



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MONTPELIER — What was originally expected to be a routine veto session last week turned into a political standoff at the Statehouse and the outcome could have consequences for the upcoming election. Read more

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NEW HAVEN — One thing is becoming clear in the midst of the 2016 Vermont Republican race for governor, GOP candidates Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman are finally differentiating themselves enough for voters to better make a choice. Read more

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MONTPELIER — Priority legislation passed by the Vermont Senate to address the state’s renewable siting problems is facing serious headwinds in the House. Read more

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MONTPELIER – Vermont Senators approved a renewable energy siting bill last week but shot down amendments favorable to towns, ratepayers and victims of industrial wind-turbine noise. Read more

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Vermonters want a greater voice in solving this century’s greatest challenge—how to change our economy from one powered by burning fossil fuels to one powered by clean, renewable energy. Read more

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