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PITTSFORD | You wouldn’t think an amendment to the U.S. Constitution would require special, local protection, but in today’s twitchy anti-gun environment, illegal immigrants seem to evoke more empathy by some citizens than legal gun owners. Read more

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LAKE LUZERNE | The nationally renowned cheese-making enterprise Nettle Meadow Farm in the town of Thurman is moving its production facilities soon to a landmark building on Route 9N in the town of Lake Luzerne, according to local officials. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE | New book tells the story of sunken bateaux Read more

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For months, immigration has preoccupied the nation. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY - As reported in my Sept. 27 State House Headliners column, federal opposition to Vermont immigration policies has cost Vermont police an estimated $2.8 million in withheld drug-crime fighting U.S. Department of Justice grants. Read more

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