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AUSABLE | Voters in the Town of Ausable sunk a proposal to bond $4.6 million for the rehabilitation of the old Keeseville Civic Center. more

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AUSABLE | The Town of Ausable will ask for voter approval on a proposed $4.6 million bond to fund a major infrastructure overhaul at the town-owned Keeseville Civic Center. more

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PLATTSBURGH | A county-led panel of local mayors and town supervisors last Friday officially approved Clinton County’s shared services plan, a savings roadmap expected to net over $700,000 worth of savings to municipalities throughout the county. more

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CLINTONVILLE — While a problem property in Clintonville has been cleared of trash, the rats simply scattered — and the radius may be expanding, residents worry more

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KEESEVILLE — Senior housing, a gymnasium and retail space for local businesses may all be part of a revamped civic center. more

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KEESEVILLE — A proposed riverside park in downtown Keeseville has moved closer to reality as another piece of the funding puzzle has snapped into place. more

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