I found The Sun’s article on Elise Stefanik’s committee’s work to help millennials make better long-range financial decisions. more

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PLATTSBURGH | In an effort to find areas of cost-cutting collaboration, Clinton County legislators met with the Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh and two city councilors this month to discuss mutually-beneficial ways taxpayer dollars could be saved. more

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TICONDEROGA | Ticonderoga Central School District has saved more than $430,000 by refinancing some construction bonds. more

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LAKE GEORGE | Warren County’s shared services panel decided on Aug. 25 that it would be better to wait until 2018 to develop a county-wide shared services rather than put one together in only three weeks. more

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MIDDLEBURY – Lucky babies born this May 29 in Vermont will receive a $100 deposit into a “Vermont 529” college savings account opened in his or her name by the Vermont Student Assistance Corp. more

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