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Less than 10 percent of Elise Stefanik’s donors live in New York’s 21st Congressional District. Read more

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Just when you think it can’t get any more stupid, out comes arming the students in Pennsylvania schools with rocks. Read more

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We’d like Eagle readers to know about the following letter sent to Vermont State House Speaker Johnson and House Judiciary Chair Grad: Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | Over 150 people marched in Plattsburgh last Saturday to show their support for victims of the recent mass-shooting in Parkland, Florida and call for stricter gun control measures. Read more

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WASHINGTON, D.C. | Three weeks after a gunman killed 17 at a Florida high school in Parkland, state and federal lawmakers are still responding with possible solutions. Read more

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It’s been nearly two weeks since we awoke to the tragic events in Las Vegas. Read more

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