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That was a popular expression frequently used back in the 1970s on T-shirts, posters, buttons and bumper stickers. Read more

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WILLSBORO | Horse-drawn buggies have become a familiar sight on roads in the Boquet Valley as the Amish relocate to the area. Read more

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TICONDEROGA | In the late summer of 2017, Liam Brown had decided to come home. Read more

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MIDDLEBURY | Recent, holiday season burglaries reported around Addison and Rutland counties has prompted a Vermont insurance organization to issue some welcome, free advice. Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | The Clinton County Legislature has waived application fees for civil service positions. Read more

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LONG LAKE | Residents are smarting over a series of power outages that have disrupted life just as winter has sunk its fangs into the remote mountainous region. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | Forum discussion Monday night brought expertise and insight to ongoing merger review for Westport Central School (WCS) and Elizabethtown-Lewis Central School (ELCS) communities. Read more

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TICONDEROGA | When asked by student council leaders how many liked pizza, about half in the assembled audience of Ticonderoga middle school students stood. Read more

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NORTH CREEK | Rail bike excursions on train tracks north of North Creek have proven to be popular and are boosting tourism by bringing thousands of people into the hamlet, the co-founders of Revolution Rail recently told Warren County supervisors. Read more

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KEENE | Parking on Route 73 near the Roaring Brook Falls Trailhead will be permanently banned starting Friday, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has announced, and “No Parking” signs will be installed by the end of the week. Read more

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Recently, a friend began vigorously complaining about our current state of the union and then confessed that she had not voted in the last presidential election because she didn’t like either candidate. Read more

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Lionel Petion

Race has always been a third rail in American politics. So let’s talk about it. Read more

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Willsboro Central School

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WILLSBORO | New York State Police and members of the Essex County Sheriff’s Department responded to a potential threat at Willsboro Central School the morning of April 27. Read more

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We used to get an endorphin rush from watching likes, follows and shares stream in on social media. Read more

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Another interesting article came to our attention recently published in the New York Times. Read more

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TICONDEROGA | Just six weeks after promising to shake up the local news industry, WIPS News is now the subject of a criminal investigation. Read more

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City of Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read claims the city is not in crisis. But it is. Read more



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PLATTSBURGH | In the wake of a string of high-level resignations and early retirements, Mayor Colin Read last Thursday said he was confident that the city was headed in the right direction. Read more

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