Stephen J. Augstell, MS, CFP, Senior Vice President, Key Private Bank

Life changes have a way of making us feel like fish out of water. They pull us from the familiar and leave us with an internal desire to wiggle back to a place we are more accustomed to—a place that makes us feel safe. Sometimes these changes are small, like shopping at a new grocery store or being rerouted on your way to work by a detour in the road. Other changes, such as starting a new job or school, are more monumental. But when it comes to really pushing us out of our comfort zone, few things knock the fish tank over quite like a move. more

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Americans are not saving enough for retirement. This is hardly breaking news. When measured against accepted benchmarks—85 percent replacement of preretirement income or 50 percent of preretirement income if you factor income from Social Security—a recent report by the National Institute on Retirement Security states that we’re about $14 trillion short on savings for retirement. more

The Sun

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