Ted Cruz

To what end do we, as voters, value the endorsements candidates receive or give? more

Guest Columnists

Derrick will skip Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, while Funiciello has landed a speaking slot at next month’s Green Party National Convention. more

The Sun

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Photo by Michael Bielawski

Vermont’s Republican leaders appeared to be warming to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump as they voted Saturday to send 13 delegates to the Republican National Convention. more

The Vermont Eagle

When I recently heard the shocked reaction of a T.V. news anchor about our current, “uncivil” presidential campaign rhetoric, it sounded like the woman had no understanding of American discourse in the rough and tumble arena of the people’s business. more



Pete DeMola

Despite a statewide loss to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders routed the senator across New York’s 21st congressional district more

The Sun


Pete DeMola

Republican frontrunner has 43% support in New York's 21st Congressional District; challenger strategy is to erode support more

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Pete DeMola

“Honk for Bernie” event draws crowd two days before primary more

The Sun

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Officials expect 4,000 at Crete Civic Center event more

The Sun


Photo by Pete DeMola

PLATTSBURGH — One year after announcing their campaigns, the race for the Democratic presidential nomination has reached New York shores. more

The Sun 3 Comments

Republicans have done their best to give Americans a bleak picture about our country. more

Letters to the Editor

It is always interesting to read the reactions of the people who are understandably upset about how things are going in this country. more

Letters to the Editor

Is anyone surprised that Trump has appeared on FOX News more than any other candidate? more

Letters to the Editor 1 Comments

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