The debacle of the Iowa Democratic Caucus may be a harbinger of the 2020 national election. Between possible partisan shenanigans and unproven electronic technologies (such as whiffy and largely untested election applications), better get ready for a Read more


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NORTH CREEK | People of all ages are welcome to help finish North Creek’s famed mosaic wall by joining weekly workshop sessions to be held over the next two months in Tannery Pond Community Center. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | The 2019 local election tally was certified last Tuesday at the New York Supreme Court 4th Judicial District. Close contests were decided in many towns. Read more

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QUEENSBURY | Warren County’s final 2019 general election results — including the absentee ballot tallies — were released Nov. 25, and in most cases, the winning candidates’ vote advantage widened over the Election Day count. Read more

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CLINTON COUNTY | The Clinton County official results for the 2019 general election are in now that the absentee ballots have been counted. The unofficial election results came in past 10:00 p.m. Read more

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