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WARRENSBURG | Nationally renowned, Warrensburg's World's Largest Garage Sale annually attracts shoppers and vendors from all over the northeastern U.S. and beyond, to browse for an unbelievable array of bargains. Read more

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    The Miles Thomas House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and reputed to be a stop on the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800s — is to be demolished and replaced by a Dollar General store, if a developer’s plans become reality.

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    At about noon on Saturday Oct. 5, Warrensburg’s sidewalks were crowded with bargain shoppers attending the World’s Largest Garage Sale. Cold weather delayed but did not deter the onslaught of people each day last weekend participating in the town’s signature event.

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    Diane Perillo purchases a pair of knitted mittens Oct. 5 from Lori Henry, a vendor at the World’s Largest Garage Sale held in Warrensburg last weekend. The early-morning freezing temperatures during the multi-day sale provided Henry, from Cooperstown, with a steady stream of customers for her cozy Sherpa coats, mittens, scarves, ponchos and sweaters.