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PLATTSBURGH | Clinton County is not in favor of proposed changes to state Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM). Read more

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PLATTSBURGH | Clinton County is being lauded for its economic strength. Read more

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This is an ongoing argument in response to Mr. R. Barney over liberal welfare benefits, who pays for them and just who is getting same, legally or illegally. Read more

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Mr. Windle asks me to “get your facts in order.” Read more

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The following is in response to the letter from Kenneth G. Barcomb published in the Aug. 18 edition of The Sun. Read more

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ELIZABETHTOWN | A Westport woman has been sentenced to serve between one-to-three years in prison and will have to pay back over $13,000 in payments that should have not been received from the Essex County Department of Social Services. Read more

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I have come to eagerly await the weekly arrival of The Sun as it has proven to provide wonderful coverage of what is going on in our North Country. Read more

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An article in Seven Days reminded us that back in 2007 the Vermont Legislature set a goal to cut child poverty in half in 10 years. A 14-member panel was charged with getting this done. The deadline passed on June 30. How’d we do? Read more

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1. Democrats fought for Social Security Read more

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This year, my private posted land will again be invaded by people with a sense of greed and entitlement. Read more

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LAKE GEORGE — Community leaders in Lake George have expressed their intent to work together on a mission to ensure foreign workers’ housing and workplace conditions are legal and fair. Read more

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As he navigates the storm over a controversial program on his home turf, Chris Louras offers local leaders some tips from the trenches Read more

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Give Swiss voters credit — well, at least 77 percent of them. In a recent national referendum, they overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that would have guaranteed each Swiss adult a monthly payment of $2,560 from the Swiss government. Read more

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